More media opportunities

March 12, 2022: Chintapilla, Odisha, India

Ananta explaining his ministry
(in English)

Preaching where there is no internet via Zoom; 
downloaded/uploaded & translated

Kenduguda, Odisha; India: Nov 20, 2021

Preaching to India, John 2

There is a brief interruption in the transmission,

but keep listening!

(Background note: Ananta told me there were only three people present who knw how to read.)


Regular Saturday night message to Kenduguda

Edited Zoom message:
1st time hearing the Gospel

Edited FaceBook live from 11 Dec. 2021
to Khenduguda, Odisha, India

John 3:16 in English

Recent persecution where 13 families

had to flee to the edge of the jungle to live!

Introduction of the Journey through John: Learning about Jesus, May 14, 2021, part 1

Ananta preaching. (No translation)

 Children reciting memory verses.

Why don't we leave people alone, isn't their faith good enough? Why is Jesus so special?

What makes Christianity so unique?

Message to Odisha, India, Sunday AM (India time), May 23, 2021