Ananta speaks and reads English

fairly well and he always calls me "sir"!

He has a great heart for the people and

a sweet love and dedication to the Lord!


Esther, Ananta, Salamita, Elizabeth

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Ministry to Odisha, India

Of the 28 states and 8 territories in India, Odisha is #8 in land area and 11th in population (47+ million).  Odisha is located along the coast of the Sea of Bengal (300 miles of coastline) and is 640 miles long and 310 miles wide. It is one of the most rural and poorest of all the states in India.


Outreach to villages

Ananta preaches four to five times a week and has a circuit of eight preaching locations!

I have been able to participate via video and audio calls. Some young Hindu families have responded in faith to the Gospel invitation. Many groups are praying that some day they might have their own church!

In Sept 2021 we started building our first church in Gumuda Lakshmipur, Odisha 765024.



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6 of 8 villages where Ananta preaches

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