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Due to sporadic persecution of new believers, I will not disclose the exact area where I am helping plant churches and train national believers for full-time ministry. Where I and my Gospel partners are working is one of the  most rural and poorest of all the states in India.

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Ministry to Odisha, India

My trip to India, December 2022

Outreach to villages

Ananta preaches four to five times a week and has a circuit of 15+ preaching locations!

I have been able to participate via video and audio calls. Some young Hindu families have responded in faith to the Gospel invitation. Many groups are praying that some day they might have their own church!

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_______ village: older man, Biswanath, and his wife have donated their land so their town may have a Baptist church soon!               All legal and recognized by Indian government! I have preached here several times, the last time April 30 there were 18 souls present to watch and listen.

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6 of 12+ villages where Ananta preaches

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If you would be interested

in supporting this ministry,

please let me know.

I can tell you how to send donations via Western Union or you can send donations to MGMI, our mission board (attach note explaining $ is   for church planting in India).

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