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Ananta speaks and reads English

fairly well and he always calls me "sir"!

He has a great heart for the people and

a sweet love and dedication to the Lord!

If you would be interested

in supporting this ministry,

please let me know.


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Ministry to Odisha, India

Through the help of my Baptist brother as translator,

Ananta Limma, we are taking the Gospel to the needy

Hindu families and abandoned children of Odisha, India

via Whatapp and other social media!

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Where is Odisha, India?

Estado de Odisha:

1030 km de norte a sur y 500 kilómetros de este a oeste.

Costa: 480 km de largo.


Outreach to villages

Ananta walks from 20 to 30 miles to reach these villages. He leaves his house between 3 and 4 am. He gets home after dark! Ananta preaches four to five times a week! I have been able to participate video video and audio. Some young Hindu families have responded in faith to the Gospel invitation!

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