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4 anchors for your soul

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

4 ANCHORS FOR YOUR SOUL The Fact of God's love

Anchor # 1: God’s love does not change NOTHING, AND NO ONE CAN SEPARATE YOU FROM GOD'S LOVE

A. Divine love: selfless > for the good of the other > Rom 5.8

B. When did God begin to love you? 1 Jn 4.19; Rom 5.6-10

● God knows the worst about us, but He is the One who loves us the most

(and loves us perfectly)

C. What do you have to do to keep God loving you? How long are you going to love your children? ● Do you love them more or less when they behave badly? Or when they behave well?

D. What is a necessary role of a good father or mother?

Heb 12.5-11 ● Important issue: Heb 12.8: son? or bastard? ● Are you a child of God? Is God your heavenly Father? ● How do you know? > Jn 1.12

E. FOR THE CHILDREN OF GOD > Rom 8.32, 35-39

F. The first step is to be born again > Psa 40.1-3

Anchor #2 God is busy making you the way He wants GOD'S PURPOSE IS TO MAKE YOU LIKE HIS SON

A. Father God is proud of His Son > Mt 17.5

B. The Son > Jn 17.1-5

C. It is not strange that God wants us to be like His Son

D. Eph 2.10 > “workmanship” is literally the word “poem”

● We started “writing our own life story” a a very flawed rough draft ● In Christ, He beginning to write “His” story: He erases all the errors

and corrects what is bent and malformed, then He begins to write His grace and virtue into our hearts.

2 Peter 1.3-10, 2 Cor 3.2-3, 5


Anchor #3 The Word of God is always right:

● The Word of God Always Contains the Final and Correct Answer 2 Tim 3.15-17

Anchor #4: THE GRACE OF GOD IS ALWAYS SUFFICIENT and ALWAYS ADEQUATE 2 Cor 12.9-10, Phil 4.13, 1 Cor 10.13 (Adapted from a message by Pastor Dan Sweat in Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico (2000)


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