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2,716 times a day....

Let me ask you a question:

How many times a day do you suppose that the average U.S. adult touches their phone?

Maybe they're checking their email, maybe they're looking to see if they have any notifications, maybe they're spending the majority of that time statistically on social media: things like Facebook, Instagram, Tick Tock, Twitter, and YouTube.

Did you know that the average us adult touches their phone an average of 2,716 times per day. The same adults spend an average of close to three hours every single day on their phone and statistically the majority of that time is spent on social media.

Now think with me: let’s image the idea of door-to-door ministry: Can you imagine if those statistics that I just told you were true about “doorknobs”.

Now it's kind of a silly thing but just imagine what if people were sitting by their door an average of three hours every day…they're just sitting there they're looking at their door. They're waiting for somebody to knock and open their door. Maybe they're even touching that doorknob because they're so eager to answer that door they touch that doorknob 2,716 times per day.

How foolish would we be if we were then to squander that opportunity of engaging in door-to-door ministry because people are ready, they're there…they're touching their phone, they're looking on their phone for answers…and we can give them those answers by giving them the Gospel via social media.

From Youtube video by Dan Bergman

See my participation in "Web Witness".


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